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Class 5

Lucas has entered a writing competition. He read his amazing story to the class.

Good luck Lucas!

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Picture 1

Class 5 thoroughly enjoyed dressing up for Book Day.

Welcome to Class 5!

Welcome to Class 5's page.

Spellings this week for a test on Friday 12th May



From the Year 5/6 Spelling List


Rhyme, Rhythm, Sacrifice, Secretary, Shoulder, Signature, Sincere, Soldier, Stomach, Sufficient, Suggest, Symbol, System, Temperature, Thorough, Twelfth.


Don't forget to learn the meanings of the words. 

We have been studying angles for the past couple of weeks.  We went into the school grounds to look for different angles in the environment.
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Maths Homework


We have been looking at angles in Maths for the last couple of weeks and this week's homework will give the children practise in measuring and drawing angles using a protractor.

Science lessons in Class 5
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As part of our topic on Earth and Space, Class 5 visited The Abbey School and thoroughly enjoyed our time in the astrodome studying the stars and planets.

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Esta semana en Español


Exciting times ahead.  During our term 6, children would be getting ready for their assembly, parents will be welcome to come and watch their children perform three songs, chosen by the children, in Spanish!


Class 5 has chosen:


1. Los días de la semana

2. Los meses del año

3. El alfabeto (performed)


Tarea de Español


During the half term I would ask that children practise their songs.


Any homework should be brought back by Monday.



"u" sounds like in the word put.

"j" sounds like in the word ham.

"ll" sounds like in the word yogurt.

"c" sounds like a k when ca, co and cu.

"c" sounds like a s when ce and ci.




Click here to practise your Días de la semana.

Click here to practise your Meses del año.

Click here to dance away with Los pingüinos.

Click here to practise El alfabeto


Fairness, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Honesty, Team Work