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Class 6

Welcome to the new Class 6 web page. 

SATs Practice

I will be sending home some practice papers for the SATs that are coming up in May. Please feel free to go through them with your child and get them to explain their thoughts and working out.


I have added some links to other sites that will provide practice activities for the children. 


Head Boy and Head Girl

Congratulations to Sam and Lara, who have been elected Head Boy and Head Girl respectively. Also, congratulations to Luke and Charlotte who have been elected Vice Head Boy and Head Girl.



English -  The children will be given a worksheet about independent and dependent clauses.


Spellings  This weeks spellings are all words that use ary and or

temporary   boundary    voluntary     necessary   anniversary    secretary vocabulary    revolutionary    professor   commentator   investigator 

interior   elevator     surveyor     solicitor


Maths - Children will be bringing home a revision booklet about graphs.




Esta semana en Español


Exciting times ahead.  During our term 6, children would be getting ready for their assembly, parents will be welcome to come and watch their children perform three songs, chosen by the children, in Spanish!


Class 6 has chosen:


1. Los días de la semana

2. Los meses del año

3. Bugui de la selva (performed)


Tarea de Español


During the half term I would ask that children practise their songs.


Any homework should be brought back by Monday.



"u" sounds like in the word put.

"j" sounds like in the word ham.

"ll" sounds like in the word yogurt.

"c" sounds like a k when ca, co and cu.

"c" sounds like a s when ce and ci.




Click here to practise your Días de la semana.

Click here to practise your Meses del año.

Click here to dance away with Los pingüinos.

Click here to practise El alfabeto

Click here to practise El bugui de la selva.


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