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Class 6

Picture 1
Picture 1

In Term 5 Miss Blay's Maths group have been doing some group problem solving using large bits of paper - we called it Graffiti Maths!

We really enjoyed participating in the whole day running event and supported Reception Class during their time slot for Sport Relief!

For Sport Relief we took part in some yoga linked to the story of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone!

For Sport Relief we enjoyed dancing!

Miss Blay’s been reading in the snow too!

During Term 2 we made Anderson Shelters!



MATHS: Make a times table game. Pick a times table of your choice or decide to use a mixture and create a game of your choice. This could be something simple like pairs where you have to match the question card to the card answer or you could be more creative making a physical board game or using Scratch online. You could even link this into something you enjoy doing such as lego - for example, every time you get a question right you get a piece of lego to build into something of your choice! Get creative! Take pictures of what you create if you cannot bring the actual thing into school.


LITERACY: Try to write a newspaper report about Luddenham School being shut or about The Beast from the East. Don't forget a catchy headline, the 5Ws and some quotes. You could add quotes about how much fun you are having and how horrible your teacher is for setting you lots of work! I have attached a template if you would like to use this.


You could also decide to write a set of instructions or evaluate your times table game.  


SNOW ART: Select a picture of the snow. It could be from the internet, one of your back garden, you sledging down a hill or you building a snowman. Create a piece of art using a medium of your choice: sketch, paint, pencils, collage etc. Write a short caption or paragraph to accompany your snowy scene.


For your homework this week I would like you to select at least one piece from the snow activities I have posted on here this week and ensure it is completed to a high standard! Impress me! Don't forget to keep reading!


I hope you have a lovely and safe weekend Class 6; I shall hopefully see you all Monday!

Miss Blay :)




I look forward to celebrating it with you properly next week.


MATHS: Take a look at the World Book Day maths activities I have found. It will involve you using and applying all of your maths knowledge to find the answers! Try your best, if we haven't covered something recently and you are not sure, just have a go and we can look back over these skills again if needed.


LITERACY: Today I have tried to give you a World Book Day themed set of activities as we would have been celebrating this together at school. Complete a piece of writing about the book spine house picture in the documents below. Write in a genre of your choice.


I have then given you the task of completing a book review on the last book you have read, I am happy for this to be about The London Eye Mystery if you like (we read this as a class last term). Could you finish your current school reading book? (See files below for the template).


Then have a go at getting through your Reading Scheme or Library reading book. Let's see how many of you can get through them and need to change them when we are back at school! I am aiming to compete with you - just a heads up - I read the whole of Wonder yesterday! Make the most of the freedom and get stuck into a good book! Could you take a picture of you reading in the snow to share with the class?


Finally, don't forget you have your Homework Takeaway menu of activities you could also be completing. If you have lost your sheet or handed your homework book into me on Monday and want to see this, it is in the homework section of our class page.


Enjoy your snowy days and I look forward to looking at what you have been up to over the last few days! Hopefully we can give out lots more green tokens linked to the work you have been doing over these snowy days!


Miss Blay :)



Maths: Complete the mixed operation word problems.


Literacy: Look at the attached file with the next few pictures from 'The Arrival', create  a clear description using the checklist of things to include.


Snowy Science: Build a snow sculpture - monitor it throughout the day and explain the changes it goes through. Does it change state? How long does it take to melt? How does the temperature outside affect these changes? You could take photos and add captions to explain the changes and temperature differences or create a table/paragraph log of what you see.


I look forward to seeing what you create today! Enjoy and I will hopefully see you tomorrow Class 6!


Miss Blay :)


Thank you so much for all your support in donating cakes for the Cake Sale today. Everyone in the class contributed, collecting money, selling cakes, eating cakes and helping to count up the money!

Fairness, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Honesty, Team Work