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Class 6

Leavers Booklet Page Template

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Events coming up for Year 6


This term is incredibly busy for Year 6. Some of the calendar dates are as follows:-

Week beginning 26th June - International Week - Year 6 will be looking at Mexico

July 3rd ,4th , 7th Bikeability

Thursday July 6th Transition Day 

Friday July 7th Transition Day 2 - for some children

Monday July 10th a.m.  Wind In The Willows dress rehearsal to the whole school

Monday July 10th 2.00 p.m.  Wind In The Willows to parents

Tuesday July 11th 6.30 p.m. Wind In The Willows to parents

Thursday July 13th Sports Day

Friday July 14th Leavers BBQ  5.00 p.m.  - 7.00 p.m.

Wednesday July 19th Leavers Assembly 



Wind In The Willows


The children are doing a fantastic job in learning their parts and actions for the Wind In The Willows play. 

There will be a dress rehearsal performance for the school on the morning of Monday 10th July and an afternoon performance for parents on the afternoon of the same day. The performance will start at 2.00 p.m.

An evening performance will be held on Tuesday 11th July starting at 6.30 p.m.


To make the play even more fantastic we need some help with costumes. Most of the children have brought home suggestions for the type of costumes they need. If you can help it would be brilliant. If there are problems with the costume please let Mr Norfield know, as we do have some costumes that we can use.

Osmington Bay


Following the presentation of photographs taken on the residential trip to Osmington Bay a CD of the photographs will shortly be made available for all children in the class. This will be a great memory for all the children. As soon as the CD's have be burned Mr Norfield will let parents know.

Esta semana en Español


The end of year is upon us all. The last three days of school and plenty of things to do! Our clase 6 will be performing their Spanish assembly along with their leavers assembly, Miércoles 19 de Julio del 2017.


Believe me... clase 6 has been rehearsing hard their songs:


1. Los días de la semana

2. Los meses del año

3. Bugui de la selva


Tarea de Español


May I ask the children to bring:


1. A colourful top, t-shirt (gorila).

2. A stripy long sock (snake).

3. Something that may resemble a crocodile's tail (crocodiles). I have made a few crocodile tails that you may use in case you don't find the suitable cloth.


Victoria: remember you're PINK FONG therefore you need:


1. Pink top.

2. Black leggings.

3. Top hat.


Eliza, Lily and Sam P you know your characters, if you could bring your costumes that would be great.


ALL items should be brought by Monday/Tuesday so we can have a props reherasal.


Looking forward to seeing you next week.



Any homework should be brought back by Monday.



"u" sounds like in the word put.

"j" sounds like in the word ham.

"ll" sounds like in the word yogurt.

"c" sounds like a k when ca, co and cu.

"c" sounds like a s when ce and ci.




Click here to practise your Días de la semana.

Click here to practise your Meses del año.

Click here to dance away with Los pingüinos.

Click here to practise El alfabeto

Click here to practise El bugui de la selva.


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