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At Luddenham School, we follow the Phonics programme of 'Letters and Sounds'.


Here you will find a range of free, interactive and printable resources that will help to support your child on their Phonics learning journey. We shall begin with Phase 1 activities, that are designed to encourage children to tune in to many different sounds around them, including sounds they might hear in the environment and those heard from playing musical instruments . Once this stage of development is set, it enables the child to be able to listen to and hear the different sounds in words.


The phonics planning that is used and adapted (in order to make activities fun and engaging) is taken from Phonics Play.


Once more, this is a fantastic website that allows access to free resources that you can share with your child in order to support their phonics learning journey.


When ready, children will each be sent home with a slim, yellow exercise book named 'My Phonics Journey'. In each book, will be a succession of letters, of which your child will be mastering in school at the time. Please encourage your child to practise sounding out the letters as the see them. Using their 'magic finger' to trace the shape of the letter in the air, as well as using a mirror in order for them to observe how their mouth will change shape when sounding them out, are both good strategies that are use, in order to consolidate their learning. 's' is sounded out as 's' as opposed to the sound 's-er', with the added 'er' sound on at the end.


A fantastic chap named 'Mr Thorne', has some wonderful and very entertaining videos that shows how a sound is pronounced and gives some great examples on how your child can learn them.


I hope this is of some help to you all and please, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me and I will be more than happy to help. crying


Kind thanks,


Miss Bowles

Reception Class Teacher



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