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Dear Parents/ Carers,                            ,




As the term closes in, we are still experiencing some wonderfully hot and sunny weather! Please would you kindly continue to apply sun cream to your child, prior to arriving at school in the morning, as we are spending longer periods of time outside for various activities, whilst making the most of our lovely outside learning area. It would also be most helpful, if you were able to send your child in with a suitable sun hat, to further protect them from the sun.


P.E Kits/ Gym sessions


The children are thoroughly enjoying their time at the gym this term and this has been benefitting them greatly, in their physical development. Along with their play and Daily Mile running sessions, which take place at the beginning of each school day, the children are really keeping their fitness levels up- this also has an amazing effect on their general learning and well- being throughout the day, as they are focussed and ready to learn.


Please would all parents and carers ensure that their child's P.E kit is returned to school with them the following day, in order for them to take part in our P.E sessions, which take place on a Thursday afternoon.




We will be consolidating our Literacy learning with some fantastic books this term. Our next book will be 'Billy's Bucket.' This is a great story for developing children's re-telling skills but also a great stimulus for discussion. Later, we will study the book 'Surprising Sharks' to further develop children's knowledge of non-fiction texts. Many of the children are now writing sentences phonetically and independently, something that we are all very proud of. We will this  term, be continuing to ensure that children are forming their letters correctly and writing for lots of different audiences and purposes. They do this in a range of ways, during Child Initiated Play, as well as in Teacher Directed sessions. 


We therefore would encourage, that all parents and carers support their children to practise the correct pre- cursive letter formation that we introduce at Luddenham School, when writing at home. In doing so, you will see a great improvement in your child's writing skills and this will further prepare them for their writing that will take place in the fast approaching Year 1 smiley. You can find many helpful and appropriate resources that you and your child can access and use on the Twinkl website:





Throughout this term, we shall be exploring the concept of time and learning and consolidating children's knowledge of language related to time; 'o'clock' and 'half past', So far, the children have had great fun, using their bodies to make human clocks! we will continue to do this, alongside other time- telling activities, so any additional support and learning at home for this topic would be most beneficial for your child's learning.


We will continue to consolidate learning in using number lines to support children with 'counting on' and 'counting back', in order for them to find answers in activities that involve adding, subtracting (ask your children how they have learnt to do these signs, using their bodies!), doubling, halving and sharing. The concept of 'one more' and 'one less' is also taught in this way, therefore having a number line at home and additional practise would again, be most beneficial. The 'Top Marks' website has a range of age/ ability appropriate and interactive resources that are both free and accessible to yourself and your child, including an interactive clock, and adding and subtracting activities, using a number line for support;



Many, many kind thanks for your continued and much appreciated support! I hope that you will all be able to join us by visiting our wonderful, fun Summer Fair on Saturday, 30th June where we will be raising much needed funds for our lovely Luddenham School smiley


All the best and see you all soon,


Miss Bowles

Reception Class Teacher

Fairness, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Honesty, Team Work