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Hello little Sparrows!


I hope you are all having lots of fun on your snow days at home and at the same time, that you are staying safe. Don't forget to wrap up, in order to keep nice and toasty warm. During your days tucked up, please do check this page, as it will provide you with some activities for you to do, should you wish to, whilst not in school.





Can you build a snowman?- please do wear gloves!!


  • How big can you build it?

  • Are you taller or shorter than your snow man?

  • Don't forget to add all the parts of the face...what shapes have you used?

  • What other special features might your snowman have?

  • When you come inside to warm up, can you draw him and 'have a go' at labelling his parts?

  • Let's see if we can build a snowman picture out of all of your pictures


    Make some snowballs- please do wear gloves!!


  • Group your snowballs in to pairs- which snowball in the pair is bigger/ smaller?

  • Can you share them fairly/equally between you and a friend/ adult?

  • Which one feels heavier/lighter/equal to the other?



  • Can you write the alphabet letters in the snow?
  • Which ones can you do all on your own?
  • If your adults have a camera, please ask them to take a picture.
  • Try lower case letters but don’t forget to write your letters starting with a ‘smile’ and ending with a ‘flick’.
  • Can you do some capital letters?




Fairness, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Honesty, Team Work