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Luddenham School Every Child Can Achieve


Please telephone or email the school office to secure your time slot to look after the chickens 

Collect keys during Friday and return to school on Monday. 


5th - 6th September (Weekend) Mrs Friar
12th - 13th September (Weekend) Mrs Barrier
19th - 20th September (Weekend) Mrs Johnson
26th - 27th September (Weekend) Mrs Hudson
3rd - 4th October (Weekend) Mrs Johnson
10th - 11th October (Weekend) Mrs Forest
17th - 18th October (Weekend) Mrs Barrier
24th - 25th - October (Weekend) Mrs Mitchell
26th Oct - 1st November (Week) Mrs Johnson
7th - 8th November (Weekend) Mrs Hudson
14th - 15th November (Weekend) Mrs Barrier
21st - 22nd November (Weekend) Mrs Forrest


28th - 29th November (Weekend) Mrs Hudson
5th - 6th December (Weekend) Mrs Hudson
12th - 13th December (Weekend) Mrs Mitchell
19th - 20th December (Weekend) Mrs Catt
21st - 27th December (Week) Miss Friar
28th Dec - 3rd January (Week)

Mr Hartzenberg (28th-30th)   

Mrs Johnson 31st Dec & 1st January                                            Mrs Forest 2nd & 3rd January

9th - 10th January (Weekend) Miss Friar
16th - 17th January (Weekend) Mrs Cleaver
23rd - 24th January (Weekend) Mrs Forrest
30th - 31st January (Weekend) Mrs Downs
6th - 7th February (Weekend) Mr Scott
13th - 14th February (Weekend) Mrs Kennerell
15th - 21st February (Week) Mrs Johnson
27th - 28th February (Weekend) Mrs Catt
6th - 7th March (Weekend) Mrs Johnson
13th - 14th March (Weekend) Mrs Kennerell
20th - 21st March (Weekend) Mrs Oldfield
27th - 28th March (Weekend) Mrs Catt
2nd - 4th April (4 Days)  
5th - 11th April (Week) Mrs Johnson
12th - 18th April (Week)  
24th - 25th April (Weekend)  
1st - 2nd May (Weekend)  


Fairness, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Honesty, Team Work