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Class 1 Eagles

Welcome to Class 1's page!


Here you will find all the relevant information about what is happening in Eagle Class.


Class Teacher: Miss Peppiatt

Learning Support: Mrs Wimble-Roberts and Miss Collins


Class email:

Eagles PE days are Monday and Friday this term. 

Year 1 Term 4 Overview

Year 1 Term 2 Overview

In term 3 and term 4 we are going to be exploring animals in topic by looking at our overarching question 'What kind of animal am I? To start our new topic off we explored it by being lab assistants and taking part in lots of activities investigating different animals. 

Now Press Play

This term we got the chance to experience Now Press Play which is a virtual learning journey where children can fully immerse themselves in the experience. We explored full stops and capital letters as well as the map experience which allowed children to fully engage. 

Anti-Bullying Week

This term we focused on the topic of Anti-Bullying week. Throughout the week children enjoyed participating in activities related to being kind. We decorated odd socks, made kindness recipes and made friendship bracelets. Each day the kindness elves left a message for the class of a kindness act they had to do that day. 

2D and 3D shapes

In term 2 we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes in maths. We explored making 3D shapes out of clay and we explored making 2D shapes out of straws on the table. The children have enjoyed learning about different 2D and 3D shapes. 

Eagles Class all ready for our halloween school disco!

Making a Jam Sandwich

Following Instructions

We have been learning about following instructions. We followed a set of written instructions on how to make a jam sandwich. We enjoyed learning new skills like spreading butter and jam onto bread and putting the sandwich together. We all enjoyed the final instruction, eating the sandwich! Yummy! 


Fairness, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Honesty, Team Work