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Welcome to the Peacock Class page!


Below, you will find lots of information about our class and what we are doing!

We are going to be exploring some really exciting topics this year, so keep a look out for lots of photos and see what we are getting up to!


Class Teacher: Miss Reddey

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Cheeseman and Mr Boorman


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Peacock Class had a wonderful day with Mr Port doing an army cadet day! They learnt how to stand in formation, march, hold wooden rifles properly, how to do different crawls, how to camouflage themselves, how to build shelters and how to carry out a 'cover and attack'. We learnt so much and had a fantastic time in the process. Thank you, Mr Port!

How exciting! Hannah sent a letter to the author of The Great Chocoplot on World Book Day and received a bundle of handwritten notes! So many that she couldn't hold them all in her hands!

Last Thursday, Year 4 had a fantastic day at Creed doing all sorts of outside activities. We did rock climbing, rope walking, den building, fire lighting and laser ropes. We even got to eat some popcorn made fresh on the fire! We had a really fun time and we absolutely loved being so adventurous for the day! Thank you so much to all of our parents for understanding our situation with the minibus too. It meant that the children could still enjoy their day and take part in all of these amazing activities.

Some Active Maths in the sunshine to make the most of the weather and get us practicing our times tables! We did Multiple Relays and Times Table Catch!

Ranger Day! - 27.05.2021: Year 4 had a fantastic day learning all sorts of dance moves with Miss Emily! We played some games, did some accro, learnt some amazing routines and even some Tik Tok dances! A fun day all round for Peacocks!

Peacock Class had such a fantastic day with C.S.Clifford! We loved hearing about his books, completing a writing task and workshop with him as well as having our book signed at the end of the day. What a great day!

Lean On Me - Peacock Class 2021

Over the past term, we have been learning how to sing Lean on Me by Bill Withers. The class sing it so beautifully that we had to share it with you all too!

We have just finished reading 'Mr Penguin & the Lost Treasure' in story time and we absolutely loved it! Lots of the class said it was their favourite story time book ever! Next, we are going to be reading 'The Sandwich Thief'!

Year 4 have been learning about vertebrates and invertebrates in science recently. Today we learnt about the different types of invertebrates and went on a hunt around the playground to find some! We found insects, land moluscs and annelids! Peacock Class really enjoyed being explorers for the afternoon.

This week, we made some beautiful art pastel rainforest pictures. We learnt some techniques for using oil pastels and then we applied them to create some beautiful pictures! Check out our finished masterpieces above!

We received a new parcel from our pen pals! They have sent us some beautiful Easter cards and new book for our book corner! Merci Marsangy!

This week in PE, we began learning a new sport! Here we are playing Tri-Golf. We had a lovely afternoon in the sun playing this fun sport!

For World Book Day this year, we wrote letters to our favourite authors. Matilda wrote a letter to JK Rowling and received a reply! How exciting is that? Thank you Matilda for sharing your reply with us!

In French this week, we have learnt how to say different items of clothing. We had a great time cutting out some outfits from newspapers and labelling them with our new vocabulary!

The children often look forward to our last day of term tradition, which is our times table carousel! We always get some Hit the Button in as well as an ultimate times table challenge and today we even had some colour-by-numbers!

Unfortunately, we've not been able to spend a very long time looking at the Vikings this year but we have done some geography to figure out where the Viking homelands and settlements were. We used atlases and other sources to help us with our lesson!

In maths this term, we looked at coordinates. The children absolutely loved completing this coordinate sheets where they followed coordinates to create robots!

Red Nose Day 2021!

In French, we have been learning how to say the body parts. Here we are making huge diagrams to label all of our body parts in French!

We have finally finished our science unit based on electricity that we started before Christmas! We have been learning how to build circuits and we used this knowledge to help us test different materials to work out which ones were conductors and which ones were insulators.

Once Peacock Class were reunited, we kicked off our English lessons with some poetry. We looked at how we can perform poems, how to rhyme, how to stick to a rhythm and finally we wrote some poems. This is our class poem based on all of the sounds we could hear from our classroom and our independent poems are also amazing!

Ranger Day 2! Here we are doing First Aid on our excellent Ranger Day! We learnt all about choking, asthma and bleeding and we took part in some excellent practical activities to consolidate our new learning. A special shoutout to Mrs Cheeseman for leading the day and teaching all of us (including Miss Reddey) new things!

Polar Express Day! Here we are for our Polar Express day! We all dressed up in Pyjamas and Train Conductor Friar greeted us at the gate to give us our special tickets!

A huge 'Merci!' to our pen pals for our box of Christmas goodies!

This week we have been making bar graphs in groups and of course they are Christmas themed! Here are our bar graphs to show our favourite Christmas movies in year 4!

We rounded off our PE Handball unit with a couple of matches. We had a mini tournament within the class and Hurricane won! A huge shoutout to Cyclone though because they also displayed amazing teamwork!

Santa Dash 04.12.2020! Thank you for all your donations and sponsorship! Here are year 4 running their part of the Santa Dash!

Here we are telling the breaking news story of the Trojan War finally ending! We showed our story on Luddenham News and interviewed some eye witnesses! Check out our videos above!

We love some practical maths in Peacock Class! Here we are finding the properties of different 3D shapes using all different shapes to help us count the edges, faces and vertices.

We went shape hunting around the playground last week!

This week, we have been prepping for our television news reports. Here we are scriptwriting on the laptops like professionals!

This week in maths we were learning about factors, multiples and primes. When learning about factors, we made factor pillars! On the main body, there is a number and on the legs are all the factors we could think of for that number. Here we are with our creations!

Our pen pals have sent us more cards and even a flag each for us! How exciting! We absolutely love receiving cards from our pen pals as well as sending more back! Here are a few snaps of us prepping for our Christmas parcel we will be sending soon!

This term, Peacock Class are lucky enough to be using the laptops again! We are so glad to be making the most of our fibre internet to support our unit all about search engines!

This week we learnt all about formal and informal language in English. As a class, we had a go at writing a formal note to Mrs Wilson and we had a reply too! We are now very excited to be greeted by Frankie on the gate next week!

Pudsey Day 2020! Here we are dressed in yellow to raise money for Children in Need! Thank you so much to everybody who donated to this amazing cause. As you can see, the children love Pudsey so much that he even made an appearance in their Golden Time activities! A special shoutout goes to our lovely Hannah who made some amazing Pudsey items that were sold to the staff! Thank you Hannah!

This term in English, we are using The Legend of the Trojan Horse to inspire our writing! To really consolidate our understanding of the story, we broke it up into four sections and split into groups to freeze frame the story. All groups worked very well during this drama lesson and the freeze frames are fantastic!

In PE this week, we had a very chilly start to our unit: Outdoor Adventurous Activities! After a much needed warm up, we tried a team building game to help our communication skills. The children had to get from one end of the pitch to the other with only one team mate moving at a time. It was challenging, but after a few attempts and tactic discussions, we all managed to get to the other end of the playground successfully! We ended with a circle time communication game, which we will continue to practice as the unit progresses!

This week in RE we learnt about Diwali! We watched a video to help us learn all about it and then we went on to create our own Rangoli patterns. Aren't the patterns beautiful?

This week in French, we learnt how to say the days of the week. We learnt our vocabulary, put all the days in order and played some games to help consolidate our new knowledge too. Finally, in Golden Time, some of us made French chatterboxes too!

Any excuse to get out of our seats and on the floor! Today we completed our place value work with dice and whiteboards to help us understand the value of the digits in our numbers. We loved being out of our seats to complete our work!

Each term, we try to complete a piece of writing in our topic books. This term, we completed our writing based on the story of Pandora's Box. To learn the story, we had some superstar volunteers to act out it out for us! Here are our fantastic actors playing the characters in the story.

Rangers Day 23.10.2020 - What a way to end the term! We had a great rangers day doing some RNLI Swim Safe training. We learnt about how to keep ourselves and others safe at the beach. We spoke about what to pack for a great day at the beach, what the signs and flags mean, how to get help, how to find safe places to swim. We did a mix of activities, including: designing bright swimming clothes to be spotted easily, practicing the HELP and HUDDLE positions and playing games to do with our newly learnt signs and signals. We ended the day with all of the children receiving a Swim Safe certificate! Great work Peacock Class!

We had an exciting science lesson today making paper cup telephones to explore what happens to sound when it travels a distance. We noticed that our messages were clearer using a short string because the vibrations could travel quickly to the other cup, while the longer string was fainter because the vibrations began to ripple out. Here we are experimenting with the different lengths of string!

Wow! This week, Peacock Class have been writing a whole class Greek myth called 'Athinna and the Hydra'. The ideas, vocabulary and enthusiasm for writing has impressed me no end so I just had to share our story with you all. A HUGE well done to Class 4 for this incredible tale!

Unfortunately, our time learning how to play Netball has come to an end in PE. We have had a great term building our skills and today we ended with two fantastic full matches! I am already looking forward to our term of Outdoor Adventurous Activities!

Merci Marsangy! Today, we received another parcel from our French Pen Pals! They sent us replies and answered our questions that we sent them. They also made us Halloween origamis and sent us a calendar of Bourgogne. We will get to work this week to send some replies!

Mamma Mia! Performed by Peacock Class

In our music lessons, we have been learning how to sing Mamma Mia! by ABBA. In usual circumstances, we would have shared our song in a class assembly but as we cannot do that right now, we have decided to bring the music to you! Enjoy!

We had a very interesting (and loud!) science enquiry lesson yesterday where we were exploring the pitch of sounds. We looked at a variety of instruments and we were trying to figure out how the pitch changed according to size, shape and material. We tried to order some of the instruments in order from low pitch to high pitch too, which we did very well at!

Our beautiful 'The Night Dragon' display! The children put in so much effort to create the most stunning Night Dragon pictures as well as our giant Maud coming out of the display! Well done Peacock Class!

Deux Petits Oiseaux!

Still image for this video
So far in French, we have learnt greetings, how to count and how to say what our names are. We used all of this knowledge to translate the French rhyme: Deux Petits Oiseaux. We learnt actions to go with the rhyme too! Here we are performing our new French rhyme. Enjoy!

Here we are with our final drawings of our columns!

In topic this week, we have been looking at Greek architecture, particularly columns. We used chalk and charcoal to have a go at drawing our own ionic columns. We focuses on blending and using light/shadow effectively. Here are some pictures of us during our lesson!

On Friday, we had a go at writing our own Kennings Poems about Greek Gods, heroes and beasts! We gave Miss Reddey one to guess to see if she could figure out who we were writing about. See if you can guess some of our poems too!

We have been learning how to count in French this week. We played a matching game to help us learn the spellings for our new vocabulary and we did very well!

On Monday, we watched a fantastic acrobat show! We had an excellent afternoon watching the performance!

This week we had a fun times table lesson, completing different challenges and playing different games to help us with our times table knowledge! The children even said our learning objective should have been "to have fun!" I love Peacock Class's positivity and enthusiasm for school!

We have been busy working on our hall display, which is all about 'The Night Dragon' by Naomi Howarth. We decided to create a huge dragon to go around the display. Here we are painting Maud the Dragon's wings and tail!

Today we received our first parcel from our Pen Pals in France! They sent us a card and a bookmark each as well as a blackboard that they use in their classroom. We sent them cards with Peacocks as well as their own little bookmarks and an example of our whiteboards! We are already so excited to receive our next parcel from our new French friends!

Voila! Today was our first French lesson of this year and we had a great time. We met our adorable French mascot, Camembear! Here is our picture with him! We also read a book about Lucie Chat (Lucy Cat) and we played some French snap on the board to learn our new vocabulary. Tres bien!

One of Miss Reddey's favourite things about Peacock Class is how much they seem to love books! Here are the photos we took for our book corner with all the books we are reading at the moment!

We are well and truly settled into our Ancient Greek topic in Peacock Class! We spent the first week of school making these beautiful vases in the afternoons! What a talented bunch!

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