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Class 5 Penguins

Penguin Class

Welcome to the Penguin Class page! Here you will find any relevant information about what is going on in our class.


Class Teacher: Miss Case

Learning Support: Mr Crabb


Class email:

Mummification - the class acted out / mimed the different stages of mummification with a volunteer dead body. No organs were removed in the making of these photos!

Air resistance investigation

We set up our own investigations into air resistance. Each pair chose a independent variable (the thing they changed each time) and investigated how this effected the time it took for an object to fall. The longer the time = the more air resistance.

Visit to Kent Life with Ancient Egyptian Workshops

Year 5 Dress Up on World Book Day

On World Book Day the school shared the book - Journey. After reading this book, the class were set a challenge to design a bird out of newspaper that could live in the new world. They only had 20 minutes!

Making plastic (casein) from milk - irreversible change

Frost walk during Children's Mental Health Week

Separating a solution

Fairness, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Honesty, Team Work