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Home Learning - January 2020

Home Learning Guidance


Just a quick note to say that some PowerPoints have more slides than others. Sometimes, the majority of the slides are made up of maths slides with different examples and questions. This is purely to replace me and the explanations I would give in class. I am aware that the slides are very long but I would rather give too much support than not enough. May I suggest skipping straight to the maths main task and then if your children are struggling, they can go back through the explanation slides to help them.


Our timetable at school is as follows:


Guided Reading - 30 mins

Maths - 1 hour

English - 1 hour


I would recommend that these timings be used as a rough guide for home learning too.

Please just do what you can - I don't wish to overload the children with work, nor do I want to give them too little, as I know both of these outcomes will affect working parents. 


Thank you for supporting your children with their home learning and your ongoing support.

This Week's Work:

Work from previous weeks:

Week Commencing 02.01.2021

Fairness, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Honesty, Team Work