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Parent Phonics Presentation

Phonics - Phase 2 to 5 sound mat

Daily Reading

Please encourage your child to read daily, then question them on what they are reading to ensure they have a good understanding of the text. In class the children will read with their teachers once a week to check they are on the correct reading level for their ability. 

Reading books will be changed regularly. If your child has finished their book and it has been signed by an adult at home they then need to place their book/green folder in the clear box in the classroom for changing.

Numbots - Online maths games!

Look inside the front cover of your child's contact book for their log in details and watch them have fun whilst learning, through playing maths games linked to their in class learning.  

Termly Homework sheet - Have a go! :)


100 books to read before the end of Year 2!

Fairness, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Honesty, Team Work