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How to look after our hens at the weekend?

You can come at any time of the day as our coup is fitted with a solar door and will open at dawn and close at dusk. No need for early/late visits.



  • Enter through the front gate using the small side access gate
  • Walk around into the car park to the furthest gate on the fence
  • Unlock the padlock and enter onto the playground
  • Head over to the chicken coup.
  • Our chicken food is pellets and they are stored in the shed in the garden.
  • Please fill the food holder to the top full of pellets
  • Check water troughs are full


Chicken Guardians - Please take home the eggs the chickens have laid



  • Ensure that all doors and mesh are secure from foxes.

On exit

  • Ensure garden shed door is closed.
  • Ensure chicken coup and mesh area are both bolted at top and bottom bolts.
  • Ensure padlock is locked on fence gate.
  • Close front entrance gate and ensure it is well secured.


Thank you for helping us to care for our ladies. Enjoy your eggs!

How to look after our hens

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