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January 2021 Covid 19 Plans

Remote Learning at Luddenham 

Dear Parents

Happy New Year to you and we hope you and your families managed to have a lovely Christmas.

As our previous email stated we are closed until the 18th January. We are only open for Critical Workers and those children who are deemed vulnerable.  If you think you may be a critical worker please see the link below.


Learning in School

We are operating our normal class bubbles and each class will have their class teacher and support staff and our classroom routines will remain the same. We will endeavour to continue this as long as we have the numbers of pupils and the staff to manage it.

The school day is as before 8.30am until 3.15pm. As we have a limited number of children in school, car queue will be very swift so please collect as close to 3.15-3.30pm as you can please.

Uniform is not essential. What is imperative is warm, layered clothing. Although our heating is on full we have to keep classrooms well ventilated with doors and windows open. Please ensure children are warm enough and have a coat for outdoor play. There is no need for a PE kit during this time.

The school will continue to make sure the building is sanitised throughout the day. Staff will be wearing face masks in communal areas of the building to prevent potential spread.


What will home learning look like?

Home learning will be set for children who are at home. Children in school will be completing the same home learning with their adults. We will also be setting afternoon projects that children in school and at home can take part in so keep an eye on the class web pages area. We will be covering all the subject subject areas across the coming weeks and will  allow your child to express themselves using all the subject areas.  All the classwork will be uploaded onto the school website under the class web page. 

The lessons will be Powerpoint presentations with our teachers voices recorded onto the document. These lessons will be focused on Reading Writing and Maths with specific sessions focused on Phonics and GPS. Teachers will provide links to games and video clips. There will be a weekly project for afternoon learning where children can express themselves in the project. This includes all other subjects across the curriculum. 

We encourage all children to get involved and  also manage their well being and not put too much pressure on themselves. 

Classes will be using Zoom sessions occasionally to involve pupils in discussions and social time. Your class teachers will be emailing you invites.

In a bid to keep in touch with all of our community, Teachers will be contacting families who are not in school or do not engage in Zoom sessions.


Accessing Remote Education 

If you do not have access to a device, then please contact the school. We are able to lend out devices to support families or apply for additional data on your mobile devices on your behalf. We can also apply for routers from the DfE after this point.  If you would prefer work to be printed out, please let us know. This will have to be collected daily. 


Supporting children with particular needs

Powerpoint presentations are differentiated each week according to class needs and children are aware of their group colour. Class teachers are providing Zoom calls to children who have additional needs across the week according to their provision maps. 


Communication and assessment

Whole class and group Zooms are being put together in a bid to keep the children in contact with school and each other. Teachers will call families to check their well being and home learning progress regularly. Please email in to class teachers any work the children do and they will be happy to give feedback and Teachers will base assessments on this work. 

Pupil self isolation 

If bubbles close or a child isolates due to a suspected case, home learning routine contines as stated above, 


If you have any questions or concerns at any time please telephone or email the school office.

Please note the Covid19 email address is for notification of Covid testing out of school hours only now. The school office is open daily 8.30 – 3.30pm

If you wish to ask a question about class work or to feedback pictures or comments then please contact your class teacher directly by email.

We hope this answers any questions you may have and look forward to seeing some of our pupils tomorrow.

Kind Regards
Mrs Wilson

Fairness, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Honesty, Team Work