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Le Français

The French Curriculum


For the first year of teaching French, all children will be introduced to the same Stage 1 units:


The first half of the year will be spent looking at Core Units 1, 2 and 3 which include greetings, numbers, colours and more.


The second half of the year will be spent looking at the following units: 'Animals', 'Food' and 'At School'.


As the children move up through the school, they will move onto different stages to learn about the following units:


Stage 2 - Playtime, my home, my town, describing people, the body and sport.

Stage 3 - On holiday, eating out, hobbies, a school trip, seasons and the environment.

Stage 4 - Actions, in France, family, a weekend with friends, the future and jobs.


The bulk of our lessons will be taught using Salut! - a fantastic scheme packed full of games, activities and songs. Using Salut! will also allow the children to hear perfect French pronunciation to copy.


Our philosophy is that it is vital to get the children interested in languages from a young age and this year, we are very excited to do just that!


For the younger children, we have a new member of the team: Camembear! He is our French teddy bear who will visit classes and play games with the children, all the while hearing them speak French!



For the older children, we have a selection of French magazines and books for the children to read, as well as French pokémon cards for them to translate! We also have board games like twister for the children to enjoy to really consolidate things like colours and lefts and rights. There will be lessons taught throughout the year about French culture too.


If your child would like to play some French games at home to build on what they have learnt at school, we recommend or below you can find a free copy of a French activity book, very similar to ones that are sent home to French children during their summer holidays.


Au Revoir!



Below, please find our progression documents. These show the National Curriculum's expectations of Primary French and which targets the children should meet in each year group.

Fairness, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Honesty, Team Work