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At Luddenham, we are super passionate about reading! In order to access the entire curriculum children must be able to read, which is why we promote reading in a variety of ways...


Guided Reading


Every day, all classes across the school have a guided reading session. This is half an hour of the day where the children are taught skills to help decode texts as well as igniting a passion for reading at the same time. We take a whole class approach where we read a book (or a selection of books) related to our term's topic. We try to expose the children to as many genres as possible to build up their reading repertoires, which in turn builds their writing repertoires too. Each class carries out a variety of activities in order to help build confidence in reading and develop the necessary skills needed to help children reach their true reading potential.


Independent Reading


As a school, we use the Oxford Reading Tree to develop the children's reading abilities. Every other term, the children will take a reading age test to determine at which level they should be reading. The books are written specifically to focus on targets for particular ages, which helps the children to progress quickly.


Every morning between 8:30-9:00, the library is open for the children to change their books. There is always a member of staff in the library at this time to assist the children in any way they can. Please encourage your children to take full advantage of this time and change their books.


Reading for Pleasure


Along with a book from the reading scheme, it is also hugely important that the children have a book to read that is not linked to the scheme. Children are encouraged to read books that they know they will enjoy to keep up the passion for reading.


If your child is unsure of what to read, please feel free to ask class teachers for recommendations or look out for the termly edition of Luddy's Book Reviews.


Buster's Book Club and Home Reading


Buster's Book Club is a fantastic initiative that we take part in. It encourages children to read at home every Wednesday night. There are some fantastic class prizes and whole school prizes up for grabs each week. Please follow this link for more information:




Reading is encouraged at Luddenham through taking part in a variety of events: we always celebrate Roald Dahl Day and World Book Day; we have our annual book fair which raises money for our school; last year we had our first ever (and very sucessful) sponsored read; and we have also had a visit from children's author, Jack Trelawny.


Through all of these fantastic events, children become excited about reading and they develop a love for books. Look out for our reading newsletter which has information about all past and upcoming events! 


Reading Newsletter


Every other term, a copy of Luddy's Book Reviews will be emailed to you with flashbacks of fantastic events that have happened that term. There will be information on upcoming events and there will be recommendations of books for all key stages, as well as a recommendation from a teacher!


If you have any recommendations you would like to add to the next edition of Luddy's Book Reviews, please email them to


Please find past editions below:

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