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Times Tables

Year 4 Multiplication Checks:

You may have heard announcements about the Multiplication Tables Check coming in for year 4 children. Here’s what you need to know: the checks are all about remembering the multiplication facts. That doesn’t mean we’ll forget all about the concepts, patterns, structures and relationships in multiplication. We’re going to be learning those too, partly because they go hand in hand with excellent recall. Given that the questions are relatively simple, age appropriate and the length of the check, which is carried out on a computer, is under 5 minutes, these checks should not be onerous.


You may notice us taking even more initiative when it comes to learning the tables with more options for home learning. If you are practising with your child, remember you’re practising for the benefit of their wider maths education, not for them to get a high score on the tests. So please enjoy the opportunity to work with your child and remember to hold back on comments about the checks.


One of the ways we are going to be working to improve the learning of multiplication facts across the school is by implementing a new homework and class tool called Times Table Rock Stars. Your child will receive their own individual login where they can work up through the rock ranks depending on their recall speed and compete against other classmates. This should ensure the learning and practicing of their times tables remains fun and competitive. This will provide part of your child’s homework from Year 2 upwards this year so please encourage the use of this resources.


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