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At Luddenham, we use Pie Corbett's fantastic scheme: 'Talk for Writing'. This is a unique way of teaching English and teaches children how to internalise texts to build their writing repertoires.


Children are taught how to write a text across six weeks. They begin by doing a 'cold write', where no teaching input will be given and they will end the three weeks with a 'hot write', which is where they will bring together all they have learnt to create a 'perfect version' of their text.


Through textmapping, children can look at the visual version of a text and internalise it through actions and talking. This gives them a fantastic starting point and their writing will be moulded by this text map.


No matter the genre, we keep our writing linked to our topic to ensure our children are immersed in their topic world. We teach using a variety of activities which allows the children to learn lots of genres. These may include diaries, stories, reports, instructions, descriptions and letters, among others.


When children reach year 6, they will learn English through a more streamlined version of talk for writing to be able to fit in more writing across the year. Instead of a 6 week cycle, UKS2 children will shorter cycles. This allows for children to learn and perfect their use of grammar techniques and exposes them to more genres which will develop and improve their writing.

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