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Luddenham School Every Child Can Achieve

The School Day

8:30 The school day begins: The Headteacher is on the gates (rain or shine) to welcome every child in to school at the start of the school.  Classroom doors are opened and children are welcomed in to the playground ready to start their learning for the day.

9:00 Classes open

9:15 Registration: We expect a high level of attendance and good time-keeping from our children. By being on time all our children are able to mentally prepare for the day through our positive and welcoming registration process.

9:15 English: The children’s English lessons are taught in class. We follow a ‘Text-Based English curriculum’ allowing children to develop their reading and writing, grammar and comprehension through a structured English programme focused upon developing a love of literature with daily focus on EPGS skills

10:30 Break: Our dedicated Play Leaders ensure ample activities to occupy the children – including a quiet area for children wishing to play board games or read. A ‘Healthy Tuck Shop’ is available if desired.

10:45 Maths: Maths is also taught in class set with daily focus on learning a new skill and applying the learning to a real life setting. Ongoing teacher assessments allows learning to be pitched at the appropriate level.

12.15 Lunchtime:  Our Lunchtime staff ensure supervised games are available for all as well as a host of activities for children to participate in with friends. Our Library will soon be open every lunchtime so children can use it at lunchtime in order to enjoy a happy and productive lunchtime.

1.15 Afternoon lessons: The afternoon timetable allows for a more ‘creative’ approach to learning.  The children participate across the week in a variety of lessons as well as sport and PE. IT is incorporated into lessons throughout the school alongside discreet IT sessions in our computer suite.

RE, History, Geography, French, Art and Design Technology are also taught across each term with trips out, visitors in and practical hands-on experiential learning at the heart of bring learning to life for the children of Luddenham.

3:30 The compulsory school day finishes: The children are led to the hall by their teacher to be dismissed at the end of the day. Members of staff on duty ensure all children are called from the hall and sent to their carers cars in 'car queue'. Car queue lasts until approximately 4pm.

3:30 - 4:30 Extra-Curricular Activities: Children are invited to attend a host of after school clubs to enrich their learning and enjoyment.  Children can choose running club, football club and Hand bells. We hope to add many more clubs in the coming terms.

3:30 – 6:00 After-School Club:  Children attending after-school club enjoy a varied timetable of activities – ranging from the more energetic sports and games, to time on the laptops and i-pads; playing traditional board games, completing homework or relaxing with a book or watching a film. Children are provided with a light tea and benefit from spending time with other children within the school.

Fairness, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Honesty, Team Work