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Homework should be consolidating what we have been learning in class; hence it should not take too long to complete. If your child finds the homework difficult please do not hesitate to let me know or leave a comment in their planner so that we can focus on working on those skills some more at school.


To start the year homework will consist of 3 pieces - a maths or SPaG task, a comprehension activity, spelling list and times table practice or application. Please find details of your child's homework on the website if you are unsure of what it is your child needs to complete.


Homework should be handed in by Wednesday. The spelling and times table test will be on a Thursday.


Please also encourage your child to read, then question them on what they are reading to ensure they have a good understanding of the text. Across both years 5 and 6 we are having a bit of a competition to see who can race around our Readopoly Board - completing a different reading challenge on each space. This aims to help encourage daily reading as well as the incentive to try reading books they would not necessarily normally pick straight away (including both fiction and non-fiction text types).

For Term 6 homework will be taking a different structure. We have completed our own class sweepstake linked to the World Cup and so I would like to utilise the opportunity for the children to find out about different countries, cultures and the sport itself.


For your homework for the rest of the year I would like you to create a mini project about your sweepstake team for the World Cup. Try to complete at least one piece each week although. I am happy to receive the projects/work on a weekly basis or presented as a whole project to be handed in on Wednesday 11th July. Your project can be presented in a style of your choice.

There will be awards for the best projects! Let’s compete!

Try to complete some of the suggested activities however I am happy for you to take control of what you include in your project – just make sure it is to a Year 6 standard. If you require any resources, please let me know.

Suggested activities:

  • Create a fact file about your country.

  • Research the history of the World Cup.

  • Present match statistics in a graph (e.g. pie chart).

  • Design a new stadium – you could build a physical structure or draw it with clear labels.

  • Design a traditional menu for your country – you could maybe try cooking it or tasting something too!

  • Plan a journey/holiday from your country to Russia – think about how much it would cost, what the currency conversion rate is, where you will stay etc.

  • Design a new kit for your country’s team – explain your design choices.

  • Describe your team’s mascot – what is their significance?

  • Write a set of instructions on how to play a game of football.


Alongside your World Cup project homework please ensure that you are reading – this could be going over sections of the script. Likewise this could be learning the lines of your songs – try and be practicing these as much as possible.


It is important that you are learning your lines as we would like to try and do scripts down as of Monday 25th June. If you are having difficulty with this please speak to me about it and we can try and sort something – the sooner we know the better!


I would also like to ask that if anyone has any large cardboard boxes at home or can easily get hold of some, they would be greatly appreciated for the making props and scenery for the Production. The children have already been working hard to create some really fantastic props this week! We will also be trying to sort out costumes and things over the next couple of weeks so that if your child needs something in particular, there is time to source these things.


Thanks for your support,

Miss Blay

Optional extra - children can also complete some of these optional tasks that are mainly linked to the topics we are covering in class. These will be rewarded a specific amount of dojo points depending on the difficulty/ranking of the task.

Fairness, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Honesty, Team Work