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Speech and Language

Speech and Language


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Speech sounds

  • When children say things incorrectly, model speech for your child by repeating words back to them correctly.




  • Give children time to process what you have asked and respond.
  • Use simple language and break instructions down into smaller steps.
  • Encourage children to answer questions, such as who, what, where, when and why? When reading their books. Encourage them to tell you the story in their own words.



  • Talk about all your experiences in detail, teaching new vocabulary all the time.
  • Discuss vocabulary in books, making sure the children understand the meaning of tricky words (look them up in a dictionary). 


Social Communication

  • Play lots of games with your child to encourage social skills, such as taking turns and winning and losing.
  • Use a visual timetable and visual aids to provide structure and routines.



Continue to work on Speech and Language targets set by the Speech and Language Therapist (if known).

Social skills games:


Fairness, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Honesty, Team Work