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Luddenham's Distance Dancing

Each weekday, we are following a Just Dance routine and sending the clips to Miss Allingham to create an overall dance video, as although we are not all together, we can come together through the dance videos which are created.

The link to watch all of the videos and to see which dances are coming up to be able to join in:

Please send video clips via WhatsApp to 07955709006 or via email to I look forward to seeing your dancing faces soon smiley

Spelling Shed

Please check spelling shed each day/week to keep up with the spellings you should be practising. You should be tested on them at home each Wednesday; at midday they will change to the following weeks spellings so please practise them accordingly.

Purple Mash

To have access to the Purple Mash website for online games and resources for learning, please email to receive a log in for your child.

Home Music Learning

During the lockdown period caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we now have the opportunity to provide music learning at home. Luddenham School uses the Charanga Musical School online interactive scheme, which has produced new “Music at Home Packages” for each year group, so that children can access and enjoy music education from home.

We also have a school song to learn, which is Lean On Me, which we thought was quite appropriate to the current situation! This song is available to access in the same place.

Please follow the link below to log on. If you haven't received your login details yet, or if you have any questions or problems, please contact Mr Legg via: Charanga Musical School (click for the link)

A message from Mrs Cheeseman!

Hello to Peacock Class 2020-2021!

Hello from Miss Reddey!


Hello Year 3! I am really looking forward to you becoming Peacock Class in September! Mrs Cheeseman and I are excited to have you all back safe and sound in September in our classroom, which is the same room you were in for Year 3!


Mrs Cheeseman has been incredibly busy getting displays ready but we need your help to make the classroom just perfect! Our book corner is going to be Jungle themed but we don't have any animals to put in there yet. It would be amazing if you could make some jungle animals at home to bring in to go in our book corner on display! 


Before the summer holidays, I would also love to hear from you! My email address is Please send me a little 'Favourites Fact File' about yourself with all your favourite things so I can get to know you before September. Here is mine:


Name: Miss Reddey

Favourite hobby: Reading

Favourite book: Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman

Favourite movie: The Little Mermaid

Favourite colour: Purple

Favourite school subject: English

Favourite food: Chocolate

Favourite animal: Rabbits

Favourite place in the whole world: Disneyland!


I am really excited to hear about all of your favourite things!

Have a happy, lovely, safe summer holiday and we will see you in September!


Miss Reddey laugh


Week 14 Pictures

Week 11 Pictures

Week 9 Pictures

Captain Tom Moore Letters and Cards

Week 3 Pictures

Answers for Monday - Wednesday

The above resources are to extend on the learning the children will receive from the pack. Please do not print every resource, as this will amount to a lot of printing. We recommend you use the resources as seen online and the children write their answers or complete the sheets in the exercise books they were given.


Please find below the pack of resources which was sent home on Thursday 19th March. This pack will work alongside other resources that I will add to this page during this time away from school. If you need any extra support please email me via the class email address and I will try to respond to your questions. Please keep emailing me any work that you have been creating as I would love to see what you have been up to, and it would be nice to share this on our page for others to see what their classmates are up to. I would also love to see the fun activities you have been doing with your family whilst at home, so email me pictures or to tell me what you have been up to, even if it is not to do with the work!


Please ensure that you are using this time to spend quality time with your families as well as taking part in practical life skills, such as baking and sports to learn in a variety of ways.


Miss Allingham and Mrs Cheeseman smiley

Pictures of all of your hard work so far during week 2!

Year 3 Home Learning: Week 1 - Well Done and Thank You for all of your hard work and pictures, keep them coming!😁

Fairness, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Honesty, Team Work