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Message From New Class Teacher

A Message from Miss Blay

A Message From Miss Blay

Hi Penguin-soon-to-be-Kingfishers!

Although lots of you know who I am anyway, I have written you a letter about me and decorated it. I would like you to create one of these for me too.

How I created mine:

  1. I started by drawing around my hand and creating a partial or whole border. You can then either decide to write your name inside the hand and decorate it straight away or leave the decoration until afterwards.
  2. Then I wrote my letter to you. In your replies to me, try to include the answers to the following questions:
    • What is your favourite thing?
    • What list of words best describe you? If you find this hard to do, think about what other people would describe you as.
    • What is your favourite animal?
    • What is your favourite colour?
    • What are your favourite books?
    • What would you like to be when you are older?
    • What are your dreams or ambitions for year 6 next year?
    • What do you like doing outside of school? Do you play sport or a musical instrument? Do you go to any clubs or groups?

When you have finished this, it would be great for you to send them through to our new class email address at:


Please also keep hold of them and bring them into school in September as I would love to display them somewhere inside or outside the classroom.


If you have any questions that I haven’t answered for you, please also use the above email and I shall try and get back to you with the answers as soon as I can!


Miss Blay :)

Fairness, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Honesty, Team Work