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Autistic Spectrum Disorder/Condition

Autistic Spectrum Disorder/Condition

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  • Children with Autism need structure and routine. You can help them by using visual timetables to help them see what is happening at each step of the day, so they know in advance what they will be doing next. This will relieve some of their anxiety.


  • You might want to set a specific place for them to do any work or tasks. At school they have access to working at a separate desk (or workstation) if they find this easier (see resource pack: Creating a Workstation)


  • Prepare them for changes to daily routine.


  • Help your children to recognise and name different emotions and feelings. You can do this by discussing their own emotions, how characters in books and on TV programmes might be feeling and how you yourselves might be feeling. Alongside naming the emotion, describe it and explain why you, they or fictional characters might be feeling like that. You can also play role play guessing games and ask them to name the emotion and say why (resource pack)


  • Use a 5 point scale to support children in managing and communicating their emotions.


  • Use social stories and comic strip cartoons to help children understand different situations and perspectives and address inappropriate behaviour.


  • Have a visual aid to support wanted and unwanted behaviours ().


  • Be aware of your child’s sensory needs and support them in managing that need to help them learn e.g. sound reducing earphones if noise is a problem, comfortable clothes, keep the area surrounding the work space clear to avoid over-stimulation etc.


  • Play lots of games with your child to encourage social skills, such as taking turns and winning and losing.




Visual timetable:

Managing emotions:

Social stories and comic strip cartoons:

5 point scale:

Social skills games:


These websites have a wealth of all sorts of resources to support your child:

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