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Class Teacher - Mr Legg

Teaching Assistants - Miss Ripley and Mrs Case

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Welcome to Eagles Class page. Please look here for information on Eagles Class routines, homework and key dates. Also displayed on this page will be details and pictures of the activities that are going on in Eagles Class. Have fun exploring!

What our class looks like at the moment

Half Term British Library Writing Challenge!


Some of the oldest children's books in The British Library are smaller than our hands! They have shared some of these mini-books and have tasked you to create one for yourself! To find out more information about these tiny stories and how to make your own, please follow the link below.


If you make one of your own, we would love to see your pictures! Please send them over to Miss Reddey at and we'll proudly display them on our Reasons to be Cheerful page. You'll even get a certificate for taking part in the challenge!

Faversham 2040: Your Vision for Our Future - Arts Competition


Faversham Town Council and Neighbourhood Plan have launched a competition to see what Faversham will look like in 2040 through the eyes of the town's youth. The competition is for Creative Art open to all young people of school age. You may decide to make a poster, develop a cartoon or create a piece of graphic art. You can also submit a piece of creative writing - maybe a poem, letter or song. You could even make a model or sculpture - it's completely up to you.


Have you ever thought about how you would like Faversham to be in the future? To join in with this visionary competition you are invited to create art that imagines an exciting, optimistic, sustainable future for our town, that reflects all or a part of your Vison for Faversham 2040 (they have asked for no zombies, aliens, meteor strikes, intergalactic space battles etc. - they are looking for ideas that are ambitious but possible!)


Entries will be judged by the Mayor and prizes will be given for the best entries. The prizes will be in the form of vouchers up to £25 in value.


Further information about this competition and how to submit a piece can be found on the competition website via the link below. Good Luck!

Home Music Learning


During the lockdown period caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we now have the opportunity to provide music learning at home. Luddenham School uses the Charanga Musical School online interactive scheme, which has produced new “Music at Home Packages” for each year group, so that children can access and enjoy music education from home.


We also have a school song to learn, which is Lean On Me, which we thought was quite appropriate to the current situation! This song is available to access in the same place.


Please follow the link below to log on. If you haven't received your login details yet, or if you have any questions or problems, please contact me at

Luddenham Distance Dancing


Each weekday, we are following a Just Dance routine and sending the clips to Miss Allingham to create an overall dance video, as although we are not all together, we can come together through the dance videos which are created. Please follow the link below to our Reasons to be cheerful! page to watch all of the videos and to see which dances are coming up in order to join in. Video clips can be sent via WhatsApp to 07955709006 or via email to We look forward to seeing your dancing faces!



Fancy turning you bathroom into a venue for a cool night out? Recreating an epic sporting moment in your kitchen? Hiding from sight and then revealing yourself? Alex Horne from Taskmaster has been setting some crazy challenges like these for you to try at home! Please see more details by following the link below. Have fun!

Purple Mash Class Blog


Eagles Class now has a class blog on Purple Mash which you should all be able to go on and post activities, stories and pictures, or just use to keep in touch! This would be a good way for you to chat and share what you are up to!


To access it, login to your Purple Mash account (a link is available below). Click the green "Sharing" icon on the top toolbar. Then click "Shared Blogs" and you should find the "Eagles Class Blog". When you are on the blog, click the green + symbol in the top right of the screen to add an entry. Only our class can access or see what is posted. Have fun!

Purple Mash Free Trial


We have an exciting free trial of the online learning resource Purple Mash. Please contact Mrs Mannings ( for your own activation details!

Position, Directions and Turns


Eagles Class took part in a practical position, directions and turns activity by working in pairs. One partner acted as a “robot”, with the other partner giving them instructions about steps forward and turns to left and right, in order to get from Point A to Point B without walking into obstacles.

Halves and Quarters - Drawing and Sharing


Eagles Class has been exploring fractions by drawing circles split into halves and quarters on the playground with chalk. We have used the chalk fractions to help us share cubes and find one half or one quarter of a number. Here are some of the class at work!

Baker's Shop Sensory Poems

Lovely sensory poems about a baker's shop!

Year 1 have been doing some wonderful things at home!

A cool science experiment!

Still image for this video
Drawing with dry wipe marker pen on a plate. The drawings then float(!) when water is poured onto the plate!

An imaginative story bringing Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk and the Three Bears together for the first time!

Phonics Play

Class Routine


Please click on the document below to find out more about Eagles Class routine.


Reading Groups will be organised by Guided Reading groups (Ants, Bears, Cats, Dogs and Elephants). The children should put their bookbag into the right box when they enter the classroom in the morning, and their contact book into appropriate small box placed with each bookbag box. Each child will be issued with a set day for changing their reading book, although they are of course able to change their book on any other days as well if they need to. If it is a child's set day for changing their reading books, they should go to the library when they arrive at school in the morning and change their reading book before coming on to the playground.

We had lots of fun using our senses to explore different foods.

International Week


Eagles Class rounded off their International Week activities by "visiting" different countries around the world with their passports! They did Japanese artwork (Asia), Brazilian carnival masks (South America) and French music (Europe). Here are some pictures of how they got on!

Rock Star Day


Eagles Class enjoyed joining in with all the fun of Rock Star Day. Here they are getting involved by completing Eye of the Tiger Just Dance!

Roald Dahl Day 2019


Eagles Class enjoyed dressing up for Roald Dahl Day!

Fairness, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Honesty, Team Work