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At this difficult time we would like to spread a little happiness, so we have decided to create a "Reasons to be Cheerful" page. We would like to encourage children to send in photos and or videos of things that they are doing (poems, jokes, songs, playing, laughing, dancing, writing etc) so that we can post these on our website, Facebook and Twitter. Let's share and celebrate our wonderful children at Luddenham Primary school. Please email your Reasons to be Cheerful to


Hello Luddenham, please find a heartfelt message from all the staff who miss you greatly! Keep positive and keep safe and hopefully we will see you all soon!

Luddenham's Distance Dancing Videos

Luddenham's Distance Dancing

1: Dynamite, 2: YMCA, 3: Watch Me Whip, 4: Hey Ya, 5: Baby Shark, 6: High Hopes, 7: Gummy Bear, 8: Swish Swish, 9: Macarena, 10: Bang Bang, 11: Banana Banana Meatball, 12: One Way or Another13: Wake Me Up, 14: Uptown Funk, 15: Kiss You, 16: I Love It, 17: 24K Magic, 18: U Can't Touch This, 19: Kung Fu Fighting, 20: Pound the Alarm, 21: Timber, 22: Old Town Road, 23: Firework24: The Final Countdown, 25: Wake Me Up (Before You Go Go)26: Superstition, 27: Shape of You, 28: Rockabye, 29: Happy, 30: I Got You (I Feel Good), 31: Karma Chameleon, 32: I Wanna Dance With Somebody, 33: Best Song Ever, 34: Black Magic, Day 35: Footloose, 36: Another One Bites the Dust, 37: Mamma Mia, 38: How Far I'll Go, 39: We're All In This Together, 40: Ghostbusters, 41: Sweet but Psycho, 42: Wannabe, 43: Bare Necessities, Day 44: Blinding Lights, 45: Hoedown Throwdown, 46: Blue (Da Ba Dee), 47: Don't Stop Me Now, 48: I'm So Excited, 49: Dancing Queen, 50: Party Rock Anthem, 51: Single Ladies, 52: New Rules, 53: Proud Mary, 54: Gangnam Style, 55: Eye of the Tiger, 56: ET, 57: Jump In The Line, 58: Under The Sea, 59: Spice Up Your Life, 60: All About That Bass, 61: Jump On It, 62: I've Got a Dream, 63: One Thing, 64: Sway, 65: Rasputin, 66: Into The Unknown, 67: Never Gonna Give You Up, 68: Who Let The Dogs Out, 69: Pump It, 70: Everybody, 71: Chillin' Like A Villain, 72: I Like To Move It, 73: That Power, 74: Just Dance, 75: Jump For My Love, 76: Jai Ho, 77: Did I Mention, 78: I Don't Care, 79: Rain On Me, 80: Ice Ice Baby, 81: Troublemaker, 82: Let It Go, 83: In The Summertime, 84: Holiday.

Year 6 are still working hard whether they are at home or school!

Year 6 have been busy doing Mrs Nye's Sports Day Challenges and doing some Science investigations to test the best beak!

Year 6 have been busy completing virtual residential challenges at home and at school. We have seen raft building, camping inside and outside, putting on their own bedding alongside some tricky maths!

Douglas enjoyed recieving his May Challenge certificate in the post this morning!

The Mitchell's have been hard at work. They have ticked lots off of the May Challenge!

Well done ES! Super work creating your own miniature book as part of the half term challenge! Your book - Mr Moo - looks fantastic!

Lots of May Challenges completed by lots of families and lots of smiling faces! Well done Luddenham - certificates will be with you all shortly!

Douglas has been busy again - ticking lots more off the May Challenge!

The Simpsons have been busy completing the May Challenge!

Miss Allingham has received a lovely letter after it was posted to the school. Thank you Aiyone!

Another May Challenge success from Douglas - he has been busy mapping out his family tree!

The Southworths have both been busy tackling different activities off of the May Challenge!

Year 1 pirate letter and story writing!

Letter reply to a message in a bottle
A "What happened next?" story

Raspberry picking, marshmallow toasting and letter writing!

Number sentences, exclamations, arrays and a paper plane!

Work on the story of Pippety Skycap

A warning poster and fun with playdough!

Year 1 - Short Story

A short story about princesses who built a rocket!

Work on the seasons and Pippety Skycap the pixie!

Seasons pictures and facts
A warning poster about Pippety Skycap!

The Gurney's made a picnic lunch for their family and played a marathon game of Monopoly across 4 days!

Douglas has been busy completing more off the May Challenge!

More busy year 6s having fun between the work set! Lovely to see so many smiling faces still!

Some more busy children working hard from home this week in year 6. This week they have created wishes for after lockdown, some escape room maths activities to get the code to unlock the room! They also created some test paper style maths for Miss Blay to complete! Well done year 6!

Nicholas has been busy and has completed 10 of the May Challenge activities so far! Keep going Nicholas!

Year 6 have been busy over the weekend and have been successfully working through Monday's challenges!

Douglas continues through the May Challenges by enjoying his new Roald Dahl board game!

Some more mocktails made from year 6, some work about the blood in our bodies and enjoying the sunshine outside!

A Wonderfully Decorated House and a Smiley Aria for VE Day!

Lots of fun has been had by the Nyes and the Southworths - they have been enjoying the sunshine and ticking off more May Challenge tasks!

Ellie has been enjoying our class text read by Miss Blay called Cogheart - she has then made an impressive needlefelt model of one of the main characters (Malkin).

Year 6 have enjoyed looking at the four components that make up blood this week. They have then created and shown the representations in a range of ways! Keep up the hard work Kingfishers!

Amber loved making her ratio Math Mocktails on Wednesday - they look pretty impressive! Grace had to join in on the fun too!

Some more Maths Mocktails by Monty along with a French menu from the May Challenge!

Theo enjoyed making Mocktails today along with completing lots of the May Challenge grid!

In year 6 we have been looking at fractions, percentages, measurements and ratios - Lewis had fun applying this in our Mocktail Making Maths activity today!

Some more May Challenges from Douglas!

Sienna's been busy in the kitchen making flatbreads!

Douglas has kicked started the May Challenge by making ham and cheese omelletes for lunch! Great effort and looks incredible!

The Southworths have designed, budgeted, shopped for and cooked a delicious three course meal for their family!

A beautiful sea glass picture!

Creating a picture using sea glass
The finished masterpiece!

Using Numicon for maths!

The Great Fire of London, Ants, Cake and Time!

Draw with Rob World Record Attempt!

Year 1 - Capacity and Minibeasts!

Year 1 Maths, Great Fire of London and Cake Description Work!

Creativy, coin work and walking in the woods!

VE Day Bunting ready for 8th May!

A beautiful chalk house!

Brilliant work on the Great Fire of London!

An excellent Great Fire of London timeline!
A picture of the Great Fire of London

Stable Management!

More grooming
Come to the right!

A wonderful chalk rainbow!

Nathaniel and Eryn have kickstarted the May Challenge off with a game of cluedo and some den building!

Rainbows and Splashing in Puddles!

A beautiful picture by a beautiful girl!

Some more super activities completed by year 6 - den building, Rock Festival planning, Camping, Bird house building, stories written and descriptions! Well done Year 6!

Fantastic story writing, and exploring with forest school learning from home!

Year 1 - Baker's Shop Sensory Poems

MJ's Poem
TM's Poem
SG's Poem
ED's Poem
CB's Poem
Lovely sensory poems about a baker's shop!

Writing, cooking, creating a scrapbook, painting, washing the car and Cluedo!

More Amazing Activities!

An acrostic poem, a Thankful Thursday task completed and a great descriptive section of the next part of the Cogheart story from Theo!

Amazing to see writing coming in! I have recieved two fantastic stories written by Year 6s this week - take a read at their imaginative ideas!

Some Victorian menu/cooking research resulted in this incredible looking Lemon Tart being created by Amber - jealous I cannot try it!

Amongst lots of hardwork, Year 6 have been exploring the countryside around them, learning to play chess, finding Bluebells, completing virtual escape rooms, building dens and being creative!

Thank you NHS

There have been lots of fun activities happening with year 6 and their families! Thank you for the birthday wishes too year 6!

Is there a better way to enjoy story time than to be all cosy amongst lots of cushions? Here is JB listening to Miss Reddey read How to Train Your Dragon on youtube! We're glad you're enjoying the story!

Wishing Box! What a lovely idea! Whenever you wish you could do something that you can't do at the moment, put it in the box. Once things are back to normal, take wishes from the box and make them come true!

Easter Holiday Learning!

Still image for this video

Miss Blay and CP got creative today whilst Mrs Cheeseman, AJ and MP cleaned out the chickens! Then all the girls attempted to create a theatre!

Easter fun and being creative!

Happy Easter

New spellings sentences!

Baking cupcakes!

Comprehension and Creativity!

Careful comprehension
A beautifully decorated fan
Lockdown handprints

Construction, Planting and Riding a Jet Ski!

Maths and an Embroidery Rainbow Necklace!

Playing a telling the time game!

An Eagle's Hard Work!

A busy Easter holiday!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone reviewed!

Easter Holiday Fun!

It looks like the Johnsons have had a fantastic Easter holiday, making the most of the lovely weather! Here are some great snaps of them gardening, building a greenhouse and baking!

Still image for this video

Amber has enjoyed the sunshine over the Easter holidays but kept herself busy. She has taken photos of flora during local walks, made an Easter tree, fed the horses, baked a carrot cake, made a cereal box puzzle, helped in the garden as well as completed some Easter colouring and maths!

WOW! The boys have really stolen that lead! You have until 9am Thursday girls to try and even out those scores!

Easter Activities

Joe Wicks Workouts and the Lego Challenge!

A super fun day with the Fields!

Still image for this video

Happy Birthday!

Thank you Poster

At school today we made a huge rainbow to go on our railings!

Story writing and learning Spanish!

Cheeky smiles and tasty brownie!

Pets and cake - what better way to spend the day?

Fun in the sunshine!

Great Handwashing advice from our Reception children.

Reasearch, writing and Easter fun!

Some English and Maths followed by a cosy storytime on the trampoline in the sun!

Some creative time in the garden and a family picnic to enjoy the sunshine!

Year 3 Catch Up! It was so lovely to see so many of your faces and (try to) listen to how your week has been so far.

Year 3 have been working really hard already this week!

GG: Mosaic
PCS: Baking
PCS: Bird Feeder
PCS: Working
RC: Boudicca Writing
MC: Baking
MC: Animals
MC: Making
MC: Salt Dough Rainbow
DO: Working Hard
DO: Non-Chronological Report
DO: Painting Rainbows
DS: Report Planning
DS: Report Page 1
DS: Report Page 2
DS: Report Page 3
AJ: Baking
AJ: Cutting Scones
AJ: Scones
AJ: Finished Scones
DS: Self Portrait

Colouring, Beads and Making Cakes!

Pancakes and Writing

Some tadpole drawings and writing!

Some creative masterpieces from year 6 again!

Creative tennis! The much-loved game has been missed so the Dane's have improvised!

Rainbows and bird watching

Marvellous Monday Maths

Beautiful big rainbow 🌈

Look at Sparrows amazing home learning

An Eagle's amazing home learning!

An Eagle's cool science experiment!

Still image for this video
Drawing with dry wipe marker pen on a plate. The drawings then float(!) when water is poured onto the plate!

Year 4 Home Learning

Still image for this video
Here are some pictures of Year 4 doing a real variety of home learning! Thanks for sending in the pictures. It's great to see so many of you keeping cheerful and doing a selection of different activities!

Year 3 have been working extremely hard at home this week, lots of learning and fun activities going on which is lovely to see.

Look what has just arrived. A special bike for a special girl!

Cosmic Yoga!

Check out this space drone made by a year 6!

Be kind!

Lego Challenge

Cooking dinner and banana bread.

What would you wish for?

More fun in the sunshine!

Miss Blay has been inundated with smiling year 6's - it has been great to see them smiling and showing how creative they have been and how they have still enjoyed the sunshine!

Happy Birthday!

Year 3's MP has drawn a lovely self portrait! It is so nice to see her smiling face :)

When you can't go to the Wildlife Park, bring the Wildlife Park to your front room!

How did the giraffe get to the moon? Great story writing today!

An imaginative story bringing Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk and the Three Bears together for the first time!

Marvellous Maths in Year 1!

Excellent halving!
Finding odd and even numbers!

A lovely story about an owlet!

Making pasta!

Joe Wicks workout

Day 3 of the 30 Day Lego Challenge- To make a new home.

Year 2 have been busy doing lots of fun activities at home as part of their home learning.

The Nye's had a 'Lockdown Party' yesterday afternoon! They have made a gratitude wall, a things to do when we are free jar, made a football zone in the garden, put the rings up on the pull up bar and made heart shaped biscuits to show that staying in is an act of love for their country! A great way to show understanding that being stuck indoors is annoying but there is a good reason to do it! Love this idea!

Lots of practical and creative things happening alongside smiling faces. These two completed a scavenger hunt and got creative with clay!

Year 6 have also been getting busy baking - these look delicious! Wish I could sample them! Also here is a picture of Day 1s creation of the Lego Challenge!

Year 6 have also been working hard to create their own stories including flashbacks and write some explanations to maths problems! Super effort!

Kingfisher Class have been busy emailing Miss Blay with stories, diaries and artwork today! Great work for the first day of Home Learning - keep the pictures and work coming in! Miss Blay :)

Year 3 have had a busy day working from home. Thank you for the pictures of work so far, please keep up the hard work!

Hard at work!
A rollercoaster made out of lego.
HM - Romans Non-Chronological Report
TC - Romans Non-Chronological Report

Fairness, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Honesty, Team Work