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Motor Coordination Disorder /Dyspraxia

Motor Coordination Disorder/Dyspraxia



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  • Offer routines and structure
  • Allow children to use Word to complete some written tasks. This highlights spelling errors and offers alternatives. If they can’t type, encourage them to practice Touch Typing to increase speed and fluency.
  • Create a quiet space for them to learn with no distractions.
  • Give them something to fiddle with whilst you are talking to them or you want them to focus. It can also be helpful to let them move around whilst they listen.
  • Ask them to do one task at a time
  • Provide checklists or visual timetables to support organisation.
  • Use timers to help with time management and build in frequent movement breaks.
  • Play lots of games with your child to encourage social skills, such as taking turns and winning and losing.
  • Help your children develop their fine and gross motor skills and core stability (see resource below)




Dancemat Typing – free beginners typing course for children.


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