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Class Updates

The Nye's enjoyed a great party day which Theo mainly planned for them - lots of fun for 'post SATs fun-day Friday!'

Freddie's been busy completing a range of activities including some Science - researching the lungs!

Max has been busy escaping the room and reading Cogheart!

Amber and Reece got dressed up for their Friday party day!

Sienna's been busy marking my work and going on a fairy door scavenger hunt!

This morning I have got dressed up for our Party Friday and this morning I opted to make Granola for my breakfast today and over the weekend. I enjoyed it with some fresh fruit and natural yoghurt!

A lockdown wish to enjoy sports again!

Theo has written his lockdown wish and completed some additional sentence structure work!

Monty has done his Lockdown wish and spellings!

Guy has been getting creative and painted these two! Great use of watercolours!

Monty and Freddie have both worked hard and cracked the code! Great problem solving boys!

Theo has been busy setting me questions to answer, writing a postcard, writing a letter to his future-self, creating a healthy lifestyle poster as well as completing some of the May Challenges. Theo made his family hot dogs and homemade chips and then they had a movie night!

Monty wrote a letter to his future-self! Some lovely momentos to accompany it when he is 18 too!

It was attack of the Ellie's today as they both send me Maths papers to answer. I worked them out and sent them back for marking! Great questioning girls - they weren't easy!

Monty has been busy setting me Maths questions that I have sent back my answers to, as well as completed the written tasks!

Guy's been busy writing a letter to his best friend!

Benji got creative with his lego to commemorate VE Day!

Amelie had great fun wearing 1940s style clothes for VE Day this weekend!

Max has been busy celebrating VE Day, making a 3 course meal independently alongside some of the other May Challenges and made me some questions to solve in maths today!

Miss Blay’s celebration of VE Day in a pre-war car on her driveway on Friday!

Jack's been creative with PowerPoint explaining how lifestyle impacts us humans! Love the creativity in portraying this!

Nathaniel wrote a letter to his friend, completed some drawing and created some tricky maths questions for me!

George has been bus making pallet furniture for the garden with his Dad, creating a den, some delicious mocktails and created me some maths questions!

Reece enjoyed completing the Escape Room maths with his Mum!

Archie and Rupert completed the May Challenge task to take a different route for their daily walk!

Sienna's enjoyed writing a letter to a friend from her old school and posted it on her walk. She also decorated the house on Friday to celebrate VE Day!

The Danes had Nathaniel's refreshing mocktail this weekend in the sun!

Lots of fantastic work sent through over the weekend - The Gurneys had a busy week!

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