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Please find a pack of resources which will be sent home with all year 6 children on Friday 20th March. This will used alongside any work that I set over the run up to Easter. I have also provided your child with a set of test papers to keep all aspects of Reading, GPS and Maths ticking over. Do not feel you have to stick to the rigid timings but they are another resource available to us in a format the children are familiar with. Should you have any questions or want some support please email me on the class account and I will respond as soon as possible. I will be reachable between normal school hours and would love to see examples of what you have been up to so please send through any photos and word for me to see!


Stay positive and remember to try and enjoy this time together. You could enjoy reading together, racing to complete work as well as some physical activities and board games.


Miss Blay :)

Home Learning Pack plus practical ideas document:

As I am aware people may like answers at different points throughout the week, I have now uploaded all answers into the Answer section for any work set for this week. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me with further questions, 


Miss Blay

Class storytime - The House with Chicken Legs

I am in the process of filming myself reading a book called 'The House with Chicken Legs' by Sophie Anderson. My plan is to film myself reading each chapter and post them onto the school youtube account, social media and the webpage. The idea being that we can all share a class story still.


I have not read this book yet but it has been on my reading pile for quite some time so hopefully we can enjoy it together. I plan on gradually uploading them each week - I have only started this today so will take me a bit of time but my aim is to upload at least one for each day of the week so you can follow a chapter a day if you would like to. Please send me your thoughts and opinions on the text and if you have any recommendations for the next text, I will see if I have it to be able to read.


Stay safe and positive,


Miss Blay :)

Try out some activities from different areas of the curriculum!




Visit the 'Art for Kids Hub' YouTube channel; it is full of fantastic step by step instructions on how to draw brilliant pictures. Choose one and have a go! Send me a photo of your end results.





Have a go at one of the Science challenges in this pack:

Record what you think might happen and then compare it to the actual results.



Watch this video showing 10 different egg experiments you could try at home:


The Science Museum Group are allowing you to explore their museums from home:


Australia Zoo are also offering you the chance to live stream their zoo at home:







Use your Studyzone login and complete the Scratch lessons 199-203 about using the pen feature. Use Scratch online to complete the tasks.





Complete activities off our Takeaway Homework Menu.





Joe Wicks 9am Weekday Workouts

Every weekday morning, Joe Wicks will be running a 30 minute workout session for children to ensure they stay active. Please check in to his youtube page every morning at 9am for his live workout!


Miss Allingham's Just Dance Isolation Flashmob

Every day those still in school will be learning a new dance after lunch. The session will be filmed and we'd love to see you completing the same dance from home so that we can work together from our homes. Look out for Miss Allingham’s post about the dance of the day using Just Dance on youtube.





Edinburgh Zoo have their Live Cam's showing Pandas, Penguins, Tigers and Koalas:


This website allows you to tour different museums around the world from the comfort of your home:


Take a look at National Geographic for kids:


The Battle of the Atlantic Experience is streaming a facebook live History lesson from the secret WW2 bunker in Liverpool on Wednesday 25th March at 13:00-14:00:





Body Beats are providing Body Percussion online sessions delivered by Ollie Tumner (a former STOMP cast member) daily from 11am. Tune in to try out some fun, active rhythm-based warm-ups; ideas inspired by STOMP, Afro-Brazilian rhythms; ideas for developing composition and performance skills and challenges fro Ollie and participants.


RadioBlogging – daily shows with interactive activities to keep everyone busy and engaged, brought to you by Pie Corbett, Deputy Mitchell, Ian Rockey and Russell Prue, just listen and blog, it’s live, fun and interactive with new educational tasks each day for your students whether at home or in school.

English challenges and support


Authorify have 60+ creative writing masterclasses with children's authors that can be accessed at home for free (you just need to create an account at


Every masterclass includes fun writing challenges, authors reading from their books, writing tips, advice and more. They'll also be adding daily writing and illustration challenges week beginning 23.03.20.

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