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Homework should be consolidating what we have been learning in class; hence it should not take too long to complete. If your child finds the homework difficult please do not hesitate to let me know or leave a comment in their planner so that we can focus on working on those skills some more at school.


To start the year homework will consist of 3 pieces - a times tables task, a spelling list and reading. Please find details of your child's homework on the website if you are unsure of what it is your child needs to complete.


Homework should be handed in by Wednesday. The spelling test will take place on a Wednesday and the times table test will be on a Thursday.


Please also encourage your child to read, then question them on what they are reading to ensure they have a good understanding of the text. Remember to read on a Wednesday evening and get it signed off by an adult for Thursday morning and the whole school Buster's Book Club competition! I am happy to accept a signed note, or planner so do not panic if you cannot find your bookmark.


If you are struggling with what to recommend your child reads please do not hesitate to ask me for some suggestions or pick something off of the 100 books to read during year 5 and 6 list which was given out last year - I have also attached a copy below.

After some feedback on homework from Parent's Evening, I have decided to add some written homework tasks to our class page under the homework section. These are optional tasks but if the children bring them into school I will mark them and provide suggestions for improvements. For completeing the tasks the children will recieve 5 green tokens! I will add these termly and provide one for each week of the term but they can be completed in any order and the children can select the image or genre which most appeals to them! They will comprise of an image and some questions or suggestions of things they can write about linked to this but they can write in the style and genre that most inspires them! I hope this is helpful!

Story genre roads - these go from EYFS to KS3 and recommend stories within different genres. They may be helpful when picking your next book however please be mindful the end of these roads are recommended for KS3 so may not always be appropriate in terms of content. If you are unsure about these books please look at Amazon reviews and/or ask myself or Miss Reddey and we can give you more information about them.

Spelling Lists for Term 4:

Optional extra - children can also complete some of these optional tasks that are mainly linked to the topics we are covering in class. These will be rewarded a specific amount of green tokens depending on the difficulty/ranking of the task.

100 books to read in Year 5 and 6 List

Fairness, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Honesty, Team Work