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Fractions to Decimals Tutorial - I have had some requests for reminding ourselves how to convert between fractions and decimals so have made this quick video to support this as well as unpicking how to solve some of the problems you have in your packs! Hope this helps. I have also taken some photos of the finished flipchart pages in the hope that makes it easier to recap back to them.

Converting between fractions and decimals tutorial with Miss Blay

Hope this helps with home schooling!

Homeschooling Rounding Recap

Hi Kingfishers! Sorry for the delay in getting this up for you today - I've been experimenting with filming on flipchart and my fridge! If you haven't completed the rounding activity yet, this video may remind you of how to round. I tried to use examples linked to your work packs. Please email me if you need more help!

Remember if it the digit to the right is 0-4 then you round down. If the digit to the right is 5-9 then you round up!

Miss Blay

Additional optional maths reasoning tasks - these are covering topics linked to this week's learning (rounding, estimation as well as fractions, decimals and percentages). Make sure you provide convincing answers to them with clear explanations and workings to support them.

Optional Takeaway Homework Menu - additional optional learning linked to our topic.

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