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Term 6


Those in school will be learning the following song to sing together at the car queue graduation. This is something they would normally do in school during term 6 for their leavers assembly.


The song is sung to the tune of Marroon 5's song 'Memories'. I have edited the lyrics to relate to the children's end of primary school. Please find the lyrics attached in the word document below.


Many thanks, 


Miss Blay

Term 6 will be a bit different as some of you come back into the classroom and others continue your home learning journey at home - either option is perfectly fine and I will try to provide all resources as I have been. Please bare with me when needing replies to emails and class updates to the page as these may not be quite so instant. I will reply as soon as possible and then continue to update your work on the website as regularly as we can.


As we continue into term 6, you will see some Transition documents which I will complete in school will also be provided on the website. We will be working through small chunks of this each week so I will provide you with the pages I will be looking at in school each week.


Some of the afternoon sessions in school will be led by what the children need in terms of PSHE and well-being so will not always be structured lessons that can be shown online. I will however continue to provide a Topic/Science lesson which is optional for you to complete at home and will be carried out in school too.


Like always, if you have any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to email me on the class email:


Miss Blay

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