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One final video to say, "goodbye, Year 4!" Have a lovely summer!

Welcome to the Peacock Class page!


We have a very exciting year in store this year. Below, you will find lots of information about our class and what we are up to! 


Class Teacher: Miss Reddey

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Wimble-Roberts

Student Teachers: Miss Bishop and Miss O'Reilly


Class email:

The Fields have conducted their own experiments to see the effect of different drinks on teeth! Have a read through the write up and see what happened to the egg shells!

Awesome work from the Southworths! An excellent character description that had be gripped and a lovely French rainbow! Well done!

The Fields have made a Viking quiz for you to have a go at! Give it a go and let us know how you do!

Lots of wider curriculum work being completed by the Johnsons! Great work!

The Gargiulos woke up early to watch this beautiful sunrise! What lovely pictures!

The Gargiulos have been doing science experiments!

The Southworths have been busy baking bread and writing an amazing story!

The Johnsons are enjoying learning how to touch type and Drawing with Rob!

A fantastic mix of work sent in from the Johnsons! Well done! I'm very impressed!

A great update from the Dohertys. Lots of family time and getting outside to enjoy the weather!

A super viking quiz made by Millie! Have a go and see what score you get!

Some really fantastic work sent in from the Mitchells! A fantastic story, an excellent map and an awesome poster! Keep up the fantastic work!

Some lovely photos sent in from the Dohertys! Hugging trees, walking dogs, carrying dogs, painting fences, finding rocks and completing lots of work! What a lovely way to spend the lockdown!

A viking fighting song written sent in from the Gargiulos today, which I just loved! I love all of the additional viking work you are doing! Amazing effort!

A great viking poster from the Fields! Super work! Keep it up!

Fantastic maths, English, reading and French work sent in from the Southworths! Great job!

The Gargiulos have enjoyed learning about the artist, Ken Done, this week! Here is some information and a piece of art inspired by Ken! Awesome effort!

A super 10/10 for B's spellings this week! Great job! Keep it up!

Great work from the Southworths today! Well done!

I am amazed at this dragon drawing sent in by the Cheesemans! What a great poster for Thor's Day Thursday! Well done!

Lots of super work from the Fields last week! Well done and keep up this amazing effort!

I just love this Thor poster sent in from the Gargiulos! Seriously cool and very informative! If you want to draw as well as this, then check out Draw with Rob at this link:

Super work from the Southworths today! A lovely design on a VE Day Tea Cup, plus some fantastic work from today too. Well done!

A fantastic story sent in from the Gargiulos! I love this published story with a beautifully illustrated front cover! And check out all of those fronted adverbials! Super work!

The Kingsnorths have sent in pictures showing how busy they have been reading in new places! Great work!

Lots of super work sent in from MS today! Keep up the fantastic effort!

SM has been super busy taking lovely walks, reading in a very cool den and writing an amazing story! Fantastic work!

Excellent cross-curricular ICT and Maths work sent in from the Johnsons today! A super effort - well done!

Great work today from MS! I like the added gel pen sparkle to the maths work and a wardrobe seems like a great place to read! Well done!

Fantastic work sent in by the Fields today! I hope you enjoyed reading on a wheelie bin!

Great reading dens made by the Johnsons! Here is also a picture of them on their maths walk! Glad you are enjoying the activities!

Some photos sent in from the Fields today of C playing his maths game! I'm glad you enjoyed the activity so much!

We were sent in some really imaginative and impressive home learning from the Southworths today! Along with completing the home learning work from school, they have also been completing some other lovely activities. They have planned, bought for and cooked a three course meal! They have also been digging in the garden and found some very pretty broken tiles. What an exciting week for the Southworths!

A great poem from the Cheesemans about their dog - Rocco!

Lovely work from the Gargiulos! Great poem and front cover for How to Train Your Dragon!

Super work sent in from the Kingsnorths! Keep up this fantastic work!

Some lovely photos of the Doherty family getting outside in the sunshine during lockdown! They have been going on lots of dog walks and doing lots of gardening. A great way to spend these lockdown days! Also, two special shout outs: one to Woody the cat, who wouldn't stop sitting on the laptop; and the second to Mrs Doherty - you're doing a fantastic job. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Another fantastic dragon sent in by the Mitchells! What an excellent description with lots of expanded noun phrases and an amazing picture! A huge well done from me!

I just love this dragon sent in by the Fields! Great use of expanded noun phrases and what a fantastic picture! I look forward to hearing more about Dark Wing as the weeks go on!

Thank you to the Piles family who sent in these lovely photographs! What a great way to spend the closures: baking and making viking longboats! Well done!

A huge well done to the Johnsons, who have been busy completing extra maths work! They even put their walk data into excel to create pie charts of what they saw on their walk! I'm very impressed!

A Maths Challenge from MS! Can you match all of the shapes? You need to find a square, a pentagon, a triangle (isosceles and scalene), a trapezium, a circle and a rectangle. There is more than one shape each! Good luck!

Here are the Johnsons enjoying their Monday Maths task! Making bar graphs out of the things they see on their daily walk. Fantastic work guys!

A sunny, weekend walk around the school, throwing back all of the balls that have gone over the fence! Thanks JB!

JB making himself cosy to listen to How to Train Your Dragon! Glad you're enjoying the book!

The Gargiulos have been super busy learning about the vikings! Here is a dragon design, a message in runes and a wordsearch! Can you decipher the message? Can you solve the wordsearch? Can you design your own dragon? Give it a go! There is also a very interesting interview with Grandad to have a read through! Super work!

The Southworths have been very busy over the Easter Holidays!

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Firstly, they have created a wish box to fill with little things they wish they could do during the lockdown. What a lovely idea! They have also been doing Easter activities, including decorating eggs! One of my favourite ideas is that they have a movie night each week and then do work based on the movies. This week's movie was the new version of 'The Lion King' so you can find information about the country of Africa and one of the animals that lives there: the meerkat! Great work!

It looks like the Johnsons have had a fantastic Easter holiday, making the most of the lovely weather! Here are some great snaps of them gardening, building a greenhouse and baking!

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A super story sent in from the Southworths! What an amazing piece of writing. It is just like a classic Greek myth!

I loved this Home Learning sent from the Johnsons! They have written secret messages in Viking Runes and have translated them. Thanks for sending this in and I hope you enjoyed this activity!

A huge well done to the Mitchells, who are enjoying Joe Wicks everyday and taking part in the Lego Challenge! I also received an amazing piece of creative writing. Well done for all of your home learning hard work!

The Fields have been super busy with home learning! They have been taking part in the Joe Wicks workouts, gone for lovely walks and they have even done some baking! What a fun way to spend the day!

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Year 4 Home Learning

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Here are some pictures of Year 4 doing a real variety of home learning! Thanks for sending in the pictures. It's great to see so many of you keeping cheerful and doing a selection of different activities!

10.03.2020 - Ranger Day 4! We had such a fantastic day today with Creed. We went on the climbing wall, played team building games and we even did some archery! What a fantastic Ranger Day!

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06.03.2020 - New Pen Pal Parcels! Thank you so much to our Pen Pals in France who have sent us cards themed for Valentines Day! They also sent us a book about animals to match our current French unit, plus an animal rubber each! How exciting!

05.03.2020 - World Book Day! We have had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day 2020. Here we are in all of our amazing costumes!

14.02.2020 - Love for Isabelle Day! We had a pyjama day today to raise money for Isabelle's trike. We ended the day with a fun run which was great fun! Thank you to Isabelle, Miss Allingham and Mrs Wilson for organising the event.

04.02.2020 - Spelling Bee! A huge well done to Millie, Samuel, Amber and Jaden who represented their houses today in the Spelling Bee! We had a great time and all of the teams worked very hard. However, Tornado house triumphed today! Well done everybody!

31.01.2020 - International Week! This week we have been learning about Canada in year 4 but today we were really excited to travel round the different classes to learn about new countries. We learnt about Egypt, Australia and Italy!

24.01.2020 - Ancient Greek Column Art! We have been learning about different architecture from the Ancient periods. We had a go at using chalk and charcoal to draw our own ionic columns. We were pretty proud of ourselves as the columns look amazing!

21.02.2020 - Ranger Day 3! We were so excited to take part in forest school today! The children made forest art and forest dreamcatchers as well as having an amazing time in the school's forest school area. We climbed lots of trees and got very muddy doing other fun activities!

20.01.2020 - Pen Pals Parcel 2! We received another exciting parcel from our French Pen Pals today. They sent us a recipe and book all about L'epiphanie which is a French religious tradition which takes place in January. All of the children recieved a letter, a crown and a little figure which traditionally gets hidden in a galette.

14.01.2020 - Ancient Greek Vases! Over the past week, we have been making our very own Ancient Greek Vase artwork. Our pots look fantastic with lots of amazing designs!

12.12.2020 - French Pen Pals! We were very excited to recieve christmas cards today from our new French pen pals. They sent us a book, French flags and other goodies! We set to work straight away to write our replies.

22.11.2019 - Team Building in PSHE! We managed to become very messy this afternoon by building towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows! We had to try and build towers taller than 30cm which could hold the weight of a toy car. We worked really well in teams and most of us achieved our goal!

12.11.2019 - Ranger Day 2! We had a very exciting visit today from a very important man who works for the ambulance service. He told the children about all of the amazing work they do and he even bought his ambulance with him! For the rest of the day, we learnt about bandaging, putting arms into slings and Mrs Wimble-Roberts taught us how to put somebody into the recovery position. We had a great day and learnt lots about first aid!

15.10.2019 - Rangers Day 1 - Visit to Age UK, Faversham! The children had an amazing time at Age UK reading and chatting to some of the people who regularly go there. The children were very polite and very excited to be chatting to such interesting people.

Fairness, Leadership, Imagination, Grit, Honesty, Team Work