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Class updates - take a look at what your classmates have been up to!

Here you will find anything sent through to Miss Blay that we can celebrate! Keep up the hardwork Kingfishers and continue sending me updates!


Miss Blay :)

The Gurney's had a busy day on Friday with the usual Joe Wicks warm up to wake us up then Maths, English and reading in the morning. Lots of play in the garden doing gym tricks and football. We then did a Science experiment about gravity and air resistance with some eggs, balloons and parachute, great fun too. Freya then made a delicious lemon drizzle cake with Mum, don't think it'll last that long!

Check out GG's space drone!

AC has been singing and baking banana bread! Wish I could try some!

ND also completed his English written activity using detailed ENPs and applied his spellings!

Yesterday there were a range of activities completed by Class 6 - some did some chalk art outside, created wish jars for when this is over alongside some maths and spelling activities.

In between maths, spellings and english the Gurneys have completed piano lessons, the Joe Wicks workour, gymnastics and football in the garden as well designing and building a new lego house for the next day of the challenge!

The Southworths created rainbows and laminated to spread the cheer around Faversham as well as the first 30 day Lego challenge. They have also completed some work in between - using and applying ENPs!

The Gavin's have been trampolining, going on a bike ride in search for sheep as well as finding plants on a nature trail and researching what they found when they got back home.

Lots of you are working hard to complete your activity. Here's some maths work completed from your packs. Don't forget to send me updates of what you are doing and also to check the answer section to mark your answers.

The Nye's had a 'Lockdown Party' yesterday afternoon! They have made a gratitude wall, a things to do when we are free jar, made a football zone in the garden, put the rings up on the pull up bar and made heart shaped biscuits to show that staying in is an act of love for their country! A great way to show understanding that being stuck indoors is annoying but there is a good reason to do it! Love this idea!

Well day 2 went really well, Freya started the day with the Joe Wicks warm up. Followed by a busy morning with Maths, English, guided reading. Later in the afternoon she did some computing and completed 2 tasks on scratch. She is all set for day 3! Check out how neat her presentation is and the range of features used in her story!

These guys got creative and wanted to spread their smiles and cheer around. They painted their rainbows to display in their windows and came up with their own positive personal quotes!

Lots of practical and creative things happening alongside smiling faces. These two completed a scavenger hunt and got creative with clay!

The first adaptation of the Interesting Octopus in the form of a new beast and using some great vocabulary to apply your learning of ENPs! Keep the updates coming!

Year 6 have also been getting busy baking - these look delicious! Wish I could sample them! Also here is a picture of Day 1s creation of the Lego Challenge!

I have also recieved a good vs evil story that includes speech, a flahsback and some super action! Well done!

I have recieved a range of artwork today using different mediums as well as a diary! It has been lovely to get updates and see your creativity at home!

The first week of isolation for the Nye's saw them complete some Fantastic Beast clay pieces, dreamcatchers and den building. Glad to still see smiles on faces despite being stuck indoors!

The first day of family isolation saw some fantastic good vs evil story writing including a flashback as well as some maths reasoning skills!

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